Privacy Police

In a departure from the norm, we are committed to providing Privacy Policies and Terms of Use that are concise, easily readable, and understandable. We believe in transparency and user-friendly language, making it simpler for you to know your rights and responsibilities when using our app.

Personal Data Collection

When you register an account with VideoSummarize using an email, Google, Facebook, or Apple ID, we collect your email address. This is used solely for account management and service communication.

YouTube Video Links and Summaries

While users provide YouTube video links, we do not store these links beyond the necessary period for generating the summary.

Users provide YouTube video links for summary generation. These summaries are considered derivative works and do not carry the same copyrights as the original YouTube videos.

Use of Third-party Services

We utilize third-party services, including OpenAI, for functionality enhancements. These services may have access to data processed within our app. As of our last update:

•    OpenAI retains data sent via the API for a period of 30 days.
•    OpenAI does not use this data to improve its models.

We recommend reviewing OpenAI's data usage policy for more details and to check for any updates on their data practices.

Data Deletion and Access

Users have the option to delete their accounts and related data. Click here for data deletion instructions.

Service Security

We are committed to safeguarding our users' information with the highest standards of security measures. While we employ robust protocols to protect data, it's important to acknowledge that no system is infallible.


If we make changes to this policy, we'll notify users via our app or website.

Last updated on Nov. 21st, 2023.