Distill Hours of Video into Minutes of Insights

Video Summarizer turn hours of viewing into minutes of reading and chatting. Paste or share a video link to get swift summaries and interactive dialogues in your preferred language.

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Read in Your Preferred Language

Regardless of the original language of the video, Video Summarizer outputs the summary in the language you need.


Chat with AI for Deeper Insights

Engage in dialogue with our AI assistant about video content to quickly access the key information you need. Don't worry about summaries being too simplistic and missing out on important details.


Enhance Your Experience on a Big Screen

The split-screen and multitasking modes on tablets allow you to run video websites and Video Summarizer simultaneously, making your reading experience smoother.

Share and manage data with ease

Share with friends or send them to your computer with a simple tap.


Download and import your data at any time and never have to worry about losing it.

What Our Users Are Saying

  • “This app is phenomenal, offering features like device sharing, history of summaries, and multiple languages. It efficiently turns a 2-hour video into a 10-minute read. Perfect for research, educational use, and saving time. The developer is active and the app shows noticeable improvement.”
  • “Video Summarizer is a time saver and a great app. It scans through video content, providing a detailed summary without distractions. No commercials, no fluff, just a straightforward text summary. 5 stars.”
  • “The best application, it didn't give you 1,000,000 Star because you can't. Especially for the tasks, that make you summarize videos, in 3 simple steps, crazy.”
  • “Revolutionary! Is an amazing app, turns 1 hour videos into 5 minute productive reads.”
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  • “A fantastic app that quickly and efficiently provides understandable video summaries without any ads. It deserves 5 stars.”
  • “Excellent. Helps summarise hours of videos into readable chunks.”